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Visa Process

After the medical checkup is done we process for the visa for the candidates who are fit and ready to travel

1. Soon the visa stamped, we keep inform the candidate's VISA status so that they get ready for departure.
2. We will complete travel formalities upon receipt of/endorsement of Visa and inform clients regarding departure of the candidate

Pre -Departure Orientation

1. It is obligatory on us by the government to arrange pre orientation to the candidates before their departure.
2. Hence, we give a them through orientation about their employer's salary, working conditions, culture and manners etc,
3. We believe the orientation would help the candidates to inure a new climate to their working condition initially towards higher productivity.
4. The purpose of the orientation is to give the workers some suggestion of their Place of Work and environment before their departure so that they can adjust easily to their new environment on their arrival in the place of work.
5. we have designed the courses according to the country to orient for the workers getting deployed for foreign employment,
6. It is aimed to proved the knowledge of the immigration, the rules, and regulation of the concerned country, labor laws, along with ritual, social taboos, tradition and culture, and the basic knowledge of the language
7. Departure arrangement.
8. The travel arrangement is the final procedure.
9. Before their departure, we make them the affidavit to be signed between the worker and the recruitment agency.
10.After signing of the contract with the workers, we make travel arrangements. This also includes handling over all the documents (original passport. air Ticket. and orientation certificate along with an orientation book) to the employee. They are now ready to deploy.

Documentation Head

The individual files will be maintained for all selected candidates, which will contain the following documents.

1. Application Received AR form
2. Passport -Original: For name, DOB, DOE,DOL, and Place of Issue
3. Personal Details: Mother, father, Spouse and children for overseas
4. Complete Resume of candidates
5. Work Experience Educational Certificates
6. Academic candidates
7. TechnicalQualification candidates
8. Driving License if any
9. Ten PP size recent Photographs
10. Medical Report
11. Employment agreement


Clearance: We also help the recruited candidates to obtain the Immigration clearance from the Department of Labor (BMET) and we also assist the candidates to be familiar with the necessary formalities to be performed while going abroad like Embarkation form Departure Form security clearance etc

Departure of the workers

1. After completion of all the processes and formalities we inform the employer company about the flight details and time of arrival in the latter's country, by fax, email or telephone sms
2. Then our office representative drops the employees Airport in DhakaChittagong.


1. On receipt of the visa we do the processing of the workers. We try to dispatch them as soon as possible.
2. As per our experience, we dispatch them in around 10-15 days after receipt of the visa.
3. We brief the workers regarding the procedure to enter the airport, cross the immigration and the way during the flight to the destination.
4. In addition, the procedure to clear the immigration in the diction, rules, regulations, traditions, culture attitude towards the citizen and the other migrate workers of the traditions, culture, attitude towards the citizen and the other migrate workers of the concerned respective country.

With the best wishes, workers leave to the airport for their destination.